2003 Volunteers of the Year

Michelina (Lina) Gioello, Quota International of Coral Springs/Parkland, FL

Michelina (Lina) Gioello

Quota International of Coral Springs/Parkland, FL

Michelina (Lina) Gioello generously volunteers her time for many club projects and is particularly active as an advocate for deaf and hard-of-hearing children. When her son, Logan, was diagnosed as being profoundly deaf, she learned quickly how to advocate for the services he needed. Now Lina shares her knowledge through volunteer work with a number of organizations. She is a chairperson for the Task Force for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Education, is president of P.R.I.D.E. (Parents Really Involved in Deaf Education), and is on the advisory board of her local United Way agency for the deaf. A member who recently received Lina’s assistance for her niece wrote the following: “Lina is an advocate for children and their parents, strictly on a volunteer basis. She accompanies parents to meetings where their children’s education and future are discussed…Lina is not only knowledgeable…but she understands how the school system works. By accompanying parents to these meetings as their advocate, Lina helps to ensure that children receive the services they not only deserve, but those that are required by law.” Quota International of Coral Springs/Parkland acknowledges Lina Gioello for the many selfless hours she spends volunteering to improve the lives of those in her community and beyond.

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