2003 Volunteers of the Year

Judith Burrill, Quota International of Cupertino, CA

Judith Burrill

Quota International of Cupertino, CA

Judith Burrill stays very involved in the Cupertino Quota club, even during her second term as District 12 governor. Judy established Cupertino’s Sister Club relationship with Quota International of Glen Innes, Australia. She hosted a Glen Innes member and drove her to Convention in Calgary and back. When she was in Australia, she visited Glen Innes, and this year she arranged for Glen Innes to forge and deliver the Quota emblem, hosted the Glen Innes Quotarians who delivered it, and arranged for its display where Quota International of Cupertino meets. She also facilitated Cupertino’s hosting of the District 12 birthday celebration and chaired a very successful Salute to Staff, using a new format, the Little Brown Bag Lunch. She emceed with grace and charm at April’s Installation, which also included the awarding of a scholarship and initiation of two new members. Most recently, Judy is helping a new member who is the public relations designee to understand the club’s local media contacts and their requirements and deadlines. Again this year, Judy opened her home, preparing full meals for meetings. She is always willing to chauffeur in carpools and to run errands. Volunteering is part of Judy’s nature. She constantly remembers others, whatever their needs. Judith Burrill exemplifies volunteering at its best—Judy gives, and recipients feel comfortable receiving from her. Judy’s volunteering is an inspiration, prompting others to follow her example.

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