2003 Volunteers of the Year

Heather Cannon, Quota International of Condobolin, NSW

Heather Cannon

Quota International of Condobolin, NSW

Heather Cannon joined Quota in 1982 and has enthusiastically served the club in all capacities. She was president from 1988 to 1989, is currently serving as a director, and has been the resident photographer for many years, recording the club’s history. Heather gives generously of her time to Quota and the Condobolin community. At the Australia Day Awards in 2000, Heather was presented with the Community Service Award. Heather is an active member of the bowling club, serving as their secretary and helping out with the club’s catering. She has been a member of CWA, the Sunshine Club, the Cancer Patient Support Group, and the State Emergency Services, serving as communications officer. Her involvement with the SES has seen her out searching for and rescuing lost people, which can sometimes take days. She is a volunteer first aid officer, assisting at rodeos, bike races, and similar events. Heather has also built up her computer skills and spends many hours assisting elderly people with their computer problems. Every week she does a library run, collecting and exchanging books for housebound residents of the town and those in the hospital. Heather is devoted to her five children and their families and helps them whenever called upon. Because Heather does her community work so quietly and very few people know the tremendous amount of volunteer work she does, Quota International of Condobolin is pleased and proud to recognize her as their Volunteer of the Year.

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