2003 Volunteers of the Year

Hattie Turner, Quota International of New Haven, CT

Hattie Turner

Quota International of New Haven, CT

Hattie Turner has been a member of Quota International of New Haven since 1997. She is always present (and often models) at fashion show fund-raisers, and she contributes food, clothing, and personal items for single moms at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and for the community food bank. Hattie is vivacious, incredibly perceptive, and has a good sense of humor. When she retired from her position as juvenile screener at the New Haven Police Department, she used her skills in social work to develop a program at Southern Connecticut State University that helps social work students become actively involved in family counseling. In 2001, she was honored by the university for her untiring efforts to contribute in the practical educational experiences of social work students and in so doing to bring qualified help to families in need. Hattie has also been a literacy volunteer to Russian speaking immigrants, whom she also coached in the social skills they so vitally needed to communicate in a new homeland. She was not only a literacy volunteer, she was a good neighbor and trusted friend. In her volunteer work with the Area Agency of Aging, Hattie helped organize seniors in public housing and at Bella Vista to be more independent by teaching them self-empowerment. Carla Hayes, a former director of the AAA, says that Hattie went far beyond the expectations of the agency and served as an inspiration to her staff. In the summer, Hattie has volunteered in local school vacation programs and activities for children. Last summer she taught acting to teenagers. An actress in her own right, Hattie appeared in a local production staged at the Long Wharf Theater two years ago. Within her Bella Vista community, she is known to provide companionship for isolated residents. Within her family, she is a warm, caring parent and grandmother who expects her children and their children to set and attain great educational goals. She is a mentor, a cheerleader, and a woman with much to be proud of in her family. Hattie Turner is a member of Bethel AME Church where she is a trustee. She is also a spokesperson for her lodge. Is she retired? Well, not exactly. Hattie has taken her energy, enthusiasm, and love of children to Hill Central, a K-5 school where she is a part-time teacher’s aide.

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