2003 Volunteers of the Year

Evelyn Horne, Quota International of Ottawa, ONT

Evelyn Horne

Quota International of Ottawa, ONT

Evelyn Horne is a long-time member of Quota International, having joined in 1963. As a Quotarian, she has served the organization and her club in many capacities, most notably as a past board member. Evelyn has always been active in humanitarian activities, both as a professional and a volunteer. Subsequent to her career as head of the Correspondence Section in the East Block under Prime Minister W.L. Mackenzie King, Evelyn worked for Citizenship and Immigration and as audio-visual advisor and technical advisor to the National Film Board, working on films directed to potential new immigrants. She befriended and lent assistance to many newcomers who were experiencing difficulties getting settled in a new land. In her retirement, Evelyn has worked as acting regional director of the Canadian Hearing Society and was instrumental in the creation of a social gathering place for the deaf community in the region. She has also been successful in obtaining financial and other support for deaf students attending university. Evelyn continues to be involved with many other activities, especially those related to Quota, which is the love of her life.

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