2003 Volunteers of the Year

Etta Mae Horton, Quota International of West Memphis, AR

Etta Mae Horton

Quota International of West Memphis, AR

Etta Mae Horton is from a family of five brothers and five sisters. When you are born into a large family, you learn quickly to share and give. Etta Mae’s mother, Martha Jones, had a recipe for life—give to your church, your family, your community, and then to yourself. Etta Mae has definitely used that recipe in her service to Quota and her community. In Quota, she serves as chairperson of the club’s Ways and Means Committee, where she gives her all. She has also taken on the job of chairperson of the Membership Committee, where she will undoubtedly put forth her best effort, as always. Etta Mae also volunteers for many other organizations, including Sardis Lake Christian Camp, Reach for Recovery Program, Literacy Council, Marion Chamber of Commerce, Rural Community Improvement Program, the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, and she volunteers as a Sunday school teacher. “The Jones Connection” is well known in Crittenden County for a cookbook written by the Jones family to benefit numerous charity programs. “The Jones Connection” is made up of about thirty family members, including Etta Mae. In the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life event alone, the family has raised over $30,000 in four years. Etta Mae has been married to her husband Woody for forty-five years, and they have a daughter and a son. They also raised the son of Etta Mae’s deceased sister from the time that he was a small child. In every facet of life, Etta Mae extends her hand to share and give to those around her—Quota International of West Memphis is proud to name her Volunteer of the Year.

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