2003 Volunteers of the Year

Dr. Lynn Murphy, Quota International of Baton Rouge, LA

Dr. Lynn Murphy

Quota International of Baton Rouge, LA

Lynn Murphy, a Quota member since 1991, has held every Baton Rouge club office except treasurer. An ear, nose, and throat physician, she originally joined Quota because of the service emphasis on speech and hearing. She has kept up with patients at the Speech and Hearing Foundation and has been instrumental in using and promoting new technology. One of the patients she referred to the Speech and Hearing Foundation has a cochlear implant, which allowed him to hear for the first time. Lynn was also instrumental, along with former Baton Rouge member, Karen Ditty, in targeting Quota funds for the purchase of the first ABR/OAE machine for newborn baby hearing screening at Earl K. Long hospital. Her work on a state committee for newborn screening subsequently led to newborn hearing screening in all state hospitals. Lynn’s efforts were used as a model by Quota clubs across the world to launch similar programs. Also during her term as president, she worked with Virginia Pearson and Susanne Rouvalis to begin a new service initiative for disadvantaged women and children. This initiative paralleled the Quota International interest in that area. Her tour activities have included perfecting the art of the “home hostess” for the past nine years. Along with Lynn’s serious and professional sides is also a great sense of fun and hospitality. She has revitalized the Home and Decorations Committee this year with catering and seasonal birthday cakes. In asking Lynn what Quota has given back to her after all her wonderful contributions, she replied, “When you join Quota, you’re going to be asked to stretch beyond your limits. You’re going to be called upon to do things you haven’t been trained for. I never would have thought I could talk before 1,500 people or cater for a large group. But I have now—and so will we all when we are encouraged by our Quota friends.” The multi-talented Lynn Murphy has enriched her club, and club members look forward to seeing where her generous spirit will take her!

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