2003 Volunteers of the Year

Diane Walter, Quota International of Salisbury, MD

Diane Walter

Quota International of Salisbury, MD

There is a saying: “If you need something done, give it to a busy person.” In Quota International of Salisbury that person would be Diane Walter. She is a dedicated Quotarian. As a member of Quota, she has chaired many committees and has held many offices, including that of president. Besides being an active member of her club, she has served on several committees for the 10th District and is now serving as the lieutenant governor. Diane is always willing to lend a hand, whether brainstorming for ideas, chairing committees, making contacts, planning events, or picking up the slack. Always with a positive attitude, she’s willing to do whatever is needed to meet our goals. No matter what is going on in her hectic life, she is able to stay focused and on track. In addition to being a Quotarian, she is active in other community groups as well. She has been active in her church community, serving as superintendent of Sunday schools, assistant treasurer, worship leader, teacher, lay leader, and in addition finds time to edit her church’s newsletter. She has co-chaired and participated in community health programs and projects such as Relay for Life, Iron Man Triathlon, and the Women Supporting Women support group. She currently serves as secretary/treasurer for the local Kidney Transplant Group. When her son was in school, she was active in the PTA and Band Boosters, heading up committees, participating in fund-raisers, and serving as a chaperon. Professionally, she has been active in the Insurance Women’s Association, holding every office, representing the state in competitions, and participating in many fund-raisers. Diane is no stranger to passing on her “Quota spirit.” She is a person who never says “no” and is never too busy to lend a helping hand. Diane embodies the true Quota spirit, and by her deeds, passes her willingness to share to all of those around her.

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