2003 Volunteers of the Year

Cathy Ryan, Quota International of Candlewood Valley, CT

Cathy Ryan

Quota International of Candlewood Valley, CT

A 25-year member and the heart of her club, Cathy Ryan was always upbeat. She personified the caring and compassion of a true Quotarian. Never far from a bubble jar, Cathy selflessly brought little gifts for fellow members with love and tenderness. Once shy, she became a top seller in fund-raising drives. She never hesitated to chair a committee or take on new challenges that stretched her beyond her comfort zone. She was terrified of being publicity chair, but her first release had the direct result of recruiting a new member, an example of the energy that surrounded Cathy. As chair of our Campership Committee, she doggedly looked for just the right child. She always wrapped Christmas presents for our Datahr recipients, and she worked on our Disadvantaged Women and Children Project. Her nurturing and caring spirit was evident with her most cherished project, the Quotables, the club’s monthly newsletter. Cathy participated in the American Cancer Society’s “Tell a Friend” Program, urging women to get a mammogram. This dedication saved the life of a sister Quotarian who found an aggressive cancer. In spite of her own multiple sclerosis, Cathy also joined the walk for the Relay for Life to help raise money to fight cancer. In Quota, Cathy’s commitment to her ideals grew and flourished. Her faith, the love of her friends and family, and her indomitable spirit helped her face brain cancer with courage. In deep love, great respect, and in her memory, QI of Candlewood Valley honors Catherine M. Ryan as their Volunteer of the Year.

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