2003 Volunteers of the Year

Carmel Heinrich, Quota International of Armidale, NSW

Carmel Heinrich

Quota International of Armidale, NSW

A Quota member for only three years, Carmel Heinrich originally came looking for an organization that puts words into action. Once Carmel found Quota International of Armidale, the club immediately saw that she was indeed a woman of action. Carmel was a hard worker who volunteered for any job where help was needed. Starting out with everything from washing dishes to cutting watermelons, Carmel soon became the chairperson of the major fund-raiser known as the Armidale Quota Crafterama. She drew on a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of running arts and crafts shows, which she had spent years doing in Sydney. It was her forte. The Crafterama was already a great annual event, and she aimed to “update it and appeal to a broader audience.” With the backing of the club, the show became the Armidale Quota Arts and Crafts Show, and Carmel traveled far and wide to expand the exhibits with new and interesting vendors. This year a television personality will be featured, and Carmel is negotiating airtime during the television program to promote the craft show. This is in addition to the usual promotion done on two major channels and several spreads in newspapers. Although the show is an enormous undertaking, Carmel is also in the frontline for other club fund-raising activities, and she insists that her husband join in. Whether it is a breakfast for 150 plus guests for International Women’s Day or catering for over 100 seniors for a Seniors Week luncheon, Carmel is there to help and go that extra mile. She is a valued new member of Quota International of Armidale.

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