2003 Volunteers of the Year

Barbara Travis, Quota International of Boonah, QLD

Barbara Travis

Quota International of Boonah, QLD

Barbara Travis has been a member of Quota International for nine years. She is the club Hearing and Speech Committee chair and has taken on this role for many years. Her enthusiasm for helping people means Barbara puts 100 percent effort into whatever she takes on. During Butterfly Week, an annual fund-raising project for the hearing impaired, Barbara dresses in a butterfly skirt and Quota t-shirt, selling butterfly brooches in the main street of Boonah. She has even been known to dance up and down the street selling brooches and raffle tickets. Barbara is also an active volunteer with the Boonah Regional Art Gallery and is a foundation member. Lille Vogler, whom Barbara visits every fortnight, is a 97-year-old resident at the Boonah Retirement Village. They have developed a very special bond over the years. Barbara also visits local friends, helping them out during difficult times. Other organizations that have benefited from Barbara’s generous volunteerism include the Boonah Breast Cancer Support Group, which she helped organize; the Boonah Visitor Information Center, where Barbara is a minder promoting the various attractions of the shire; and the Boonah Rotary, where she works with her husband Rod to promote Bowel Scan Week. Barbara and Rod share a passion for jazz music. They have their own jazz group and are often seen playing at charity events in and around Boonah. They have played at our Quota functions as well as for other organizations, all on a voluntary basis when needed. Rod and Barbara especially enjoy playing for the annual fund-raising event in support of the Breast Cancer Support Group. While on a recent overseas trip, Barbara and Rod took time to visit their current sponsor child in Ecuador. They care for this child through Plan International. Barbara’s achievements, her willingness to give of herself, and her caring assistance to anyone in need make her the epitome of a true volunteer.

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