2002 Volunteers of the Year

Pam Snyder, Quota International of Norfolk/Hampton Roads, VA

Pam Snyder

Quota International of Norfolk/Hampton Roads, VA

Pam Snyder epitomizes the term volunteer each and every day of her life. Pam began volunteering when she was fifteen years old, working at an infant home with toddlers who had Down’s Syndrome. She also volunteered with the Red Cross, both in Norfolk and in Lubbock Texas. Pam took a brief hiatus from volunteering with large organizations to raise her two daughters, but she continued service by driving their classes to pick strawberries or peanuts, making costumes, and helping remedial reading and math students. In 1976, she became a charter member of the Ki-Wives Club, through which she became involved with Lee’s Friends, serving as a driver to take cancer patients to their treatments and doctor visits. She has served on the board of Lee’s Friends, and is past president of the following: Harborfront Ki-Wives Club; the Quota Club of Norfolk; the Girl’s Clubs of Tidewater; Ohef Sholom Temple Sisterhood; Bertha Snyder’s Children’s Care Fund; and the Quota Club of Norfolk/Hampton Roads.

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