2002 Volunteers of the Year

Joselina Africa, Quota International of Manila South

Joselina Africa

Quota International of Manila South

Every Quotarian’s reason for joining Quota is as diverse as its membership. Every Quotarian’s reason for staying in a club is personal as well. And so it is with Joselina Africa, a charter member of Quota International of Manila South. Joselina’s dedicated history in Quota is one of both quiet introspection and active participation. In her early Quota years, she was content to stay in the background, doing whatever was asked of her for projects and activities as club secretary, director, and vice president. When it was time for her to step into the spotlight and take the position of club president in 2001, she enthusiastically rose to the challenge. Her strength comes from within, giving her the ability to passionately mobilize members into action, as she did most recently, lending financial and emotional support for young and indigent cancer victims and their families.

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