2002 Volunteers of the Year

Donna Rinaldi, Quota International of Dover, NH

Donna Rinaldi

Quota International of Dover, NH

Donna joined Quota International of Dover in 1981, and in the years to follow, she became the club president and then district governor. She was eager to learn leadership skills and how to bring people together with a purpose and ultimate goal of furthering Quota’s work in the community and beyond. As she herself has stated, this is where she learned the skills that would take her further into volunteerism in her city and community. Today, she is decisive in her leadership. She is held in high esteem and has good influence in long-term planning for her city management and educational fields. She is currently the chairperson of the Chamber of Commerce. In addition to this interest, she is very involved in youth activities, most notably Shadow Day, a bi-annual event she implemented in which sophomore and junior high school students “shadow” a business for a day. Last summer, Donna and her husband, Phil, chaired the Seacoast Wall Committee, which brought the traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial to the seacoast area, thus providing a wonderful public service to the area. Donna has received numerous awards, among them the Rotary Club Paul Harris Fellowship and the Outstanding Business and Education Partnership Edie Award. Despite all her various activities, Donna hasn’t outgrown the Quota club. She’s always delighted to help—a true Quotarian!

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