2002 Volunteers of the Year

Deloria “Dee” Kazmierezak, Quota International of Raleigh, NC

Deloria “Dee” Kazmierezak

Quota International of Raleigh, NC

Dee Kazmierezak has only been in the Quota club for a year and a half, but she has many friends who admire her tremendous volunteer efforts. It is in her very nature to lend a hand when she sees a need. Her volunteer career includes: managing a swimming pool for the entire summer so that children would have a place to go; mentoring at a local elementary school; supporting a high school cheerleading troop; organizing a welcoming party for the Raleigh native Olympic Gold champion swimmer; offering personal time for kids to call her for advice or in an emergency; assisting with making parade floats; and fund-raising for various local groups. Of course, Dee can always be counted on to help with any Quota activity, whether for service or for ways and means.

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