2001 Volunteers of the Year

Yvonne Wright, Quota International of Redcliffe, QLD

Yvonne Wright

Quota International of Redcliffe, QLD

For over forty-two years, Yvonne Wright has been serving her community through Quota. Serving on the board of directors for all but one of those forty-two years, Yvonne is a tireless and dedicated club member. She has also served three separate terms as club president and has just been installed for another year on the board. Her true strength comes in her organizational expertise in fund-raising activities. Many, many times Yvonne and her husband have hosted both large and small Quota functions at her home. In addition to hosting them, Yvonne is always ready to help out with service projects. Not only is Yvonne a volunteer worthy of recognition, but she is a shining example of continuous member involvement and support without domination.

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