2001 Volunteers of the Year

Suzanne Groat, Quota International of San Jose, CA

Suzanne Groat

Quota International of San Jose, CA

Since her time with Quota began in 1997, Suzanne Groat has diligently served her club and community. Suzanne has served as club president and treasurer of QI’s District 12 Charitable and Educational Foundation. She is active as a West Area Committee Member and is involved with the new QI Club Expansion Organizers committee. Suzanne is heavily involved with coordinating the teaching of American Sign Language to both students of Los Alamitos Elementary School and officials of the Santa Clara County Office of Education. She also coordinated a “Deaf Awareness Seminar” for District 12 members this past April. Suzanne understands that our children are the future, and she is implementing programs to make it a positive future. Her dedication is truly noteworthy.

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