2001 Volunteers of the Year

Sandra Walters, Quota International of Wimmera, VIC

Sandra Walters

Quota International of Wimmera, VIC

A new member to Wimmera, Sandra Walters joined in September 1999. However, she has been taking an active part in her community since she and her husband moved to the area three years ago. As a prospective member, Sandra came to meet Nita Fisher, an elderly woman who is severely visually impaired. Mrs. Fisher was in need of someone to take her to do her weekly shopping, and Sandra was the first person to volunteer. Soon after Sandra joined Quota, she took on the role of assistant secretary and is now the editor of the District publication “Quotagraph.” Two years later she is still making those weekly trips with Mrs. Fisher and has made a great friend out of it, too. In her “spare time,” Sandra plays an integral part in the successful construction business that she and her husband established.

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