2001 Volunteers of the Year

Marion Armstrong, Quota International of Taree, NSW

Marion Armstrong

Quota International of Taree, NSW

A committed Quotarian for thirty-two years, Marion Armstrong has led a life of service for the latter half of the century. Forty-nine years ago, she began with the Australian Red Cross, of which she is now a Life Member and Coordinator of the Telecross program. Marion is always available with food, kind thoughts, and lots of love for anyone who is ill or just in need of some support. New members always comment on how welcome Marion makes them feel. However, Marion is also active in other Taree organizations, with the same dedication and support she offers at Quota. She is a committed member of the Uniting Church of Taree and the Women’s Auxiliary of the Returned Service League. Recently Marion received a “Senior Australian of the Year” award from the Australia Day Council for her outstanding achievements in community service.

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