2001 Volunteers of the Year

Kinsa Hays, Quota International of Opotiki

Kinsa Hays

Quota International of Opotiki

Playing an active role in her club, Kinsa Hays has helped to make a big difference. A Quotarian since 1989, she has served as club president and more recently as the Ways and Means Committee Director, a position she will fill once again this year. Constantly offering her services for fundraisers or community service activities, Kinsa is always producing quality work and ideas that truly help shape her club. With the assistance of her husband Ray, Kinsa is the publicity officer for QI Opotiki and has been highly effective in getting the club to the fore of the local newspaper and on the radio. Through her publicity and recruiting projects, her enjoyable and effective fundraisers, and her leadership and guidance, Kinsa has made a strong impact in her community.

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