2001 Volunteers of the Year

Joyce Otten, Quota International of Kirksville, MO

Joyce Otten

Quota International of Kirksville, MO

Joyce Otten, Kirksville Quotarian since 1986, reached out, way out to Malawi, a small country in central Africa. Since Joyce’s brother and his wife became mission workers this past year, Joyce wanted to volunteer, too. The Church-owned campus in Malawi includes a primary and deaf school, and so Joyce ventured there for three weeks to offer her knowledge and skills. While there, she taught sewing at the primary school, furnishing supplies for book bags. She also instructed the Women’s Guild in making jackets out of native blankets. All of this was done by hand as there is no electricity there. Upon returning home, Joyce knew she could still help the children in Malawi. She began fund-raising efforts at home, speaking before service clubs and church groups. So far, enough has been raised to help further educate the school’s headmaster. With the assistance of her Quota club, Joyce is making a real difference for those who would otherwise not be helped.

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