2001 Volunteers of the Year

Joan Gray, Quota International of Gold Coast, QLD

Joan Gray

Quota International of Gold Coast, QLD

Since joining Quota thirty-three years ago, Joan Gray has been able to truly help her community. Joan has made a considerable difference for a number of people who suffered with drug and alcohol problems. Filling an array of positions, she has assisted the Gold Coast Drug Council since 1983, acting as treasurer and secretary, and recently was honored with a Life Membership. For twelve years Joan was also the bookkeeper at a residential rehabilitation program and is currently still on the management committee. More recently, Joan has been working with the Gold Coast Home Assist/Secure program, assisting older community members to be able to remain in their homes, as opposed to going into supervised living. Over the last six years Joan has been the secretary/assistant treasurer of the Gold Coast Entertainers and Musicians Society, helping to encourage and support young musicians and performers. A very busy volunteer, Joan has been honored with both the State Premier’s Award (1996) and the Commonwealth Recognition Award for Seniors (1999).

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