2001 Volunteers of the Year

Elizabeth Brown, Quota International of Metro Denver, CO

Elizabeth Brown

Quota International of Metro Denver, CO

For 26 years Elizabeth Brown has been actively serving her community in Quota. However, her volunteerism didn’t start there. Betty has worked for and volunteered for a number of local, national, and international organizations. Serving the Red Cross, Betty has been stationed in England and Guam. As Service Club Director she traveled to Germany and worked with German children during the Korean War. In 1981 Betty joined the Peace Corps and worked with rural women in the Philippines, helping them to generate an income, and with homeless boys at a shelter. Betty is still active with Little Children of the Philippines (LCP), an organization she worked with during her time in the Corps. Betty is an exceptional volunteer, a valued Quotarian, and a tireless and devoted friend to the world.

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