2001 Volunteers of the Year

Dot Mules, Quota International of Brunswick Valley, NSW

Dot Mules

Quota International of Brunswick Valley, NSW

Dot Mules is no stranger to volunteering. As an active member of Brunswick Valley for thirty-eight years, Dot has done a great deal. Participating in all functions, and cooking for sales and meals, Dot is somewhat of a “mother-hen” to other members—she is always there when you need her. And it doesn’t stop with Quota. Dot is also active with Meals on Wheels; preparing tea, lunch, and activities for elderly citizens at the local community center; and serving as Vice President to the Community Care Council, where she provides government-funded welfare to the needy. In addition, Dot plays a role in Telecross, a program run by the Australian Red Cross that makes phone calls every morning to an elderly or sick person to check on their well-being. Never willing to back down from service, Dot has not met a job too big for her.

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