2001 Volunteers of the Year

Dinah Fry-Smith, Quota International of Camden, NSW

Dinah Fry-Smith

Quota International of Camden, NSW

Dinah Fry-Smith has been an active volunteer since she moved to Camden. An active member of Quota, Dinah also gives much of her time as a member of the Red Cross, making visits to local hospitals and nursing homes to give morale-boosting facials and manicures to the patients. When it came time to modernize the local library with a scanning system, Dinah went above and beyond the expected level to help get the system started and has since aided in the preservation of the photographs the library holds. In the working world, Dinah has played a role as a respected microbiologist, working with the Department of Agriculture, and even being sent to China and Indonesia for fieldwork. Dinah has become a positive force in the work place and in the volunteer world.

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