2001 Volunteers of the Year

Desma Spielgelhauer, Quota International of Townsville, QLD

Second from left

Desma Spielgelhauer

Quota International of Townsville, QLD

Since 1979, Desma Spielgelhauer has been dedicated in serving her community through Quota. She has spent time and energy working on numerous projects for many organizations, including work at the Reef HQ Aquarium for over ten years and the Queensland Cancer Fund for eight years. Since 1990, Desma has been an active member of the Retired Teachers Association, too. As a Quotarian she has worked tirelessly on the Membership Committee, sponsoring 12 out of the 25 current members, as well as serving on the Ways and Means Committee. Desma also supplies emergency vehicles with “Quota Cares Bears” for children suffering in a traumatic situation. In addition, you can find her calling Bingo each Saturday at the Garden Settlement Retirement Home. Desma has held most of her clubs executive positions (including president) and has held the titles of Lt. Governor and Governor for the 40th District. This year Desma received the Australia Day Recognition Award and the Townsville Seniors Award for her dedication to her community.

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