2001 Volunteers of the Year

Carole Gilliland, Quota International of Sand Springs, OK

Carole Gilliland

Quota International of Sand Springs, OK

A relatively new member who has made a big difference, Carole Gilliland is a busy volunteer. Undertaking three very large projects this year, Carole has created and maintained an outstanding Web site for QI of Sand Springs. Including monthly updates, Carole is also responsible for the artistic and musical enhancements. For the local Pratt Library, Carole has put her computer and design skills to work to revitalize dozens of book covers. She was also responsible for the locational shift of two entire sections of books, an enormous task that she carried out when the library was closed. In her medical field, Carole once again uses computer technology and innovative design to create the 16-page quarterly magazine for the Oklahoma Medical General Managers’ Association. In her “spare time” Carole and her husband of 26 years run their own business, MedTech, Inc. Perhaps one of her greatest feats is the creation of “books on tape,” as well as recording the “newspaper on tape,” several times a week. A talented and dedicated Quotarian, Carole is currently serving as club president, too.

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