2001 Volunteers of the Year

Billie Smith, Quota International of Port Macquarie, NSW

Billie Smith

Quota International of Port Macquarie, NSW

As a charter member of Port Macquarie, Billie Smith immediately took on the role of treasurer. Since then her enthusiasm and willingness to serve has made an important impact on all her fellow Quotarians. Most recently, Billie has served two years as club secretary, one year as president-elect, and two years as club president. Billie is always ready to give, volunteering for Telecross, a project run by the Australian Red Cross, as well as staffing a “Vial of Life” table in a nearby shopping center. Every year she also organizes the Quota Baby Show, a formidable yet rewarding task. Perhaps her largest community service project was the creation of the “Quota Reading Room” at the Hastings Municipal Library. This room is equipped with two machines that convert the written word to the spoken word, aiding both the sight-impaired as well as those with literacy problems. Because of Billie’s dedication to the ideals of service, especially during her term as club president, Quota International of Port Macquarie received the “Community Service Award” on Australia Day 2000, in addition to an award from Quota International. A true community volunteer, Billie also dedicates time and love to her three daughters and husband of forty-two years.

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