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Quota World Service Public Awareness Campaign

Get Started! Launch a Quota World Service Public Awareness Campaign in your community to recruit new members and increase support of Quota International’s award-winning program that changes lives and saves lives in developing countries. Every dollar donated reaches Hand-in-Hand (formerly known as Club-to-Club) projects. We have created resources to help your club succeed. Click the links below for everything you need to get started.

  • Quota World Service Public Awareness Campaign Planning Guide*—contains activities that your club can plan and carry out that will help you to increase awareness of and support for Quota’s world service projects with adults and youth in your Quota community. Your club members can become World Service Ambassadors, and in the act of doing so, potentially recruit new members into your club.
  • Quota World Service e-Booklet—an 8-page e-magazine containing detailed descriptions of all 2013-2015 Quota World Service projects operating in five developing nations plus spectacular photographs. Also includes a history of the program and how people who care can donate. A wonderful resource to view online or print and share with people in your community at an exhibit or as a handout for a presentation you give.
  • Quota World Service Donation Form—print copies of this form to collect Quota World Service donations (tax deductible in the United States) at your public awareness events. Donations can also be made online.
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