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Quota Club Service Project Directories

A “directory” of more than 150 fantastic service projects that will inspire a club trying to start a new project or add some sparkle to a tried-and-true one was created by members attending Convention 2006. These projects are remarkable in their diversity: some are long-term, ongoing projects while others are one-time events; some work in partnership with other organizations while others stand alone; some provide financial support to those in need while others provide equipment and services. Within this list, there is truly something for everyone.

These great ideas are organized into three different directories, an approach that will help you sort through the types of projects that interest you and your fellow club members most.

DIRECTORY 1: Service Targets/Causes

One of the best ways to focus your service efforts is by determining early-on whom you aim to serve. This directory contains projects sorted by “causes” and populations served.

DIRECTORY 2: Types of Projects

Different clubs like to conduct service in different ways. Some like to plan hands-on projects; others like to work with other community organizations or groups. Still others like to raise charitable funds through fun and meaningful events. This directory sorts projects by format or type.

DIRECTORY 3: Seasonal Projects

This listing includes “seasonal” projects that your club might want to consider in celebration of special holidays occurring throughout the year!

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