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Quota Cares Teddy Bears

The We Share Foundation sells teddy bears with the Quota logo for clubs to distribute to children in need. Many clubs develop partnerships with emergency services teams in their communities to distribute these cuddly bears to comfort kids during a crisis.

For example, the Quota club in Plantation, Florida, U.S.A., recently purchased 100 bears with fund-raising profits. Half of the bears were donated to local police and the rest to the local hospital, so that cuddly critters are available to comfort children in trauma.

But the bears comfort parents as well. Canadian Deborah Wagner, whose 16-month-old daughter and her babysitter were involved in a car crash that flipped the vehicle onto its roof, says, “A heart-wrenching feeling I have never experienced before seemed to claw at my chest. Then, I saw my daughter being carried to me, and when she held her arms up for me to take her, I noticed the Quota Cares Bear she was holding so tightly. A strange calm came over me as I stared at this little treasure. The bears console the children, but they also let parents know that someone has taken the time to comfort and care for their child when they weren’t there to do it.”

Deb says the bear was a great companion for her daughter in the hours and days after the accident. And Quota found a great friend in Deb, who joined the club in Orillia, Ontario, and—several years later—served as president of the club, a leader in sharing comfort and help with others.

If your club needs more information about this program, click here*, or order online today.

Quota Cares Teddy Bears bring comfort to kids in crisis.

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