2012 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Penticton

Top Winner

“Before I had teeth, I felt lost, embarrassed, and very self-conscious…. I felt old, tired, and helpless…. [The way] to express my utmost gratitude is to walk with confidence, pride, with a bit of a strut, feeling renewed and stylish showing off the pearly whites.”

This testimonial from a grateful patient is an example of the happiness Quota of Penticton brings to its community by sponsoring dental care for low income adults and seniors whose health and self-esteem suffer when they have untreated dental problems. The club’s Quota Cares Month project, a free dental clinic, during which 20 people were treated by dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants for everything from teeth cleaning to teeth removal, was part of a two-year focus on dental health.

Beginning with a silent auction in 2010, which attracted funds and—even more importantly—built a bridge of understanding and cooperation with the local dental community, QI of Penticton has continued to work with many partners in the community to identify and treat eligible patients. Funds raised are deposited in the “Quota International Dental Access Fund” and distributed to successful applicants for payment towards their dental bills or the cost of new teeth. Combined with often-lowered fees by the dentists and denturists, these funds mean that the necessary treatment to restore a healthy mouth is now within reach for many clients.

The club has gained both new members and increased community respect through their emphasis on dental health. With other free clinics planned like the one during Quota Cares Month, as well as continued solicitation and fundraising to increase the Dental Access Fund, QI of Penticton assures many more healthy and confident smiles will be seen in their community.

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