2012 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Manila

Honorable Mention

QI of Manila ushered in Quota Cares Month on its eve, February 29, with a fundraiser dubbed “Lugaw for Quota’s Sake.” Tickets were sold for bowls of Lugaw (rice with chicken porridge) and a program highlighting the goals and achievements of Quota of Manila’s 35-year history. The club described the evening as “nostalgia for some, eye-opener for the rest…realizing the difference that Quota makes.” Members past and present, as well as members of the public, increased their understanding and awareness of Quota’s service in Manila.

Some of the proceeds from Lugaw for Quota’s Sake were designated for the Quota Cares Month project, a sports development program benefiting twenty Muslim students, ages 12 to 17, from the depressed Maharlika Muslim Village in Taguig. The club chose to teach sports through bowling, a strictly disciplined and focused activity, knowing that the values taught through bowling—as with any sport—can be applied to general life. They wanted to teach the youth not just how to pick off a spare but how to set goals, work as a team, manage time, have self-confidence, work on skills, and show sportsmanship.

The month-long bowling clinic, held every Sunday, had two coaches for the 20 students, working on both individual and team skills. At the end of the month, the new bowlers played in a tournament side by side with the Junior Team of the Magallanes Bowling Association, whose members were being groomed for international championship. The new bowlers enjoyed the challenge.

The Quota project taught the Muslim students the elements of bowling and the basics of some life skills. It also served as a bridge of understanding between the Muslim community and the non-Muslim members of Quota, who hope that the elders in the Muslim community will now be more welcoming. Quota’s aim when conducting service projects in the village is not to indoctrinate or convert the Muslim youth, but to help them become contributing and self-respecting members of society. “Quota Cares” about people, freely and unconditionally.

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