2012 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Kirksville

Top Winner

Although QI of Kirksville supported the Speech and Hearing Clinic of Truman State University with donations of equipment and contributions towards scholarships for Speech and Hearing students for several years, the club and its goals were not well known by the students. The Quota Cares Month project this year presented the perfect opportunity for Quota and the college students in CoDA (Communications Disorders Association) to get to know each other better, in support of their shared goals.

The impetus for the project was the fiftieth anniversary of TSU’s Speech and Hearing Clinic, and the school’s desire to celebrate the anniversary with a campaign to raise $50,000 for the clinic. QI of Kirksville decided to help kick off their campaign in March to meet that goal. They met with the student members of CoDA, and the groups agreed to work together on a “Quarters for Quota” auction fundraiser at the end of March.

The mayor of Kirksville gave a kick-start to their efforts by declaring March to be “Quota Cares Month” in Kirksville, officially endorsing Quota’s efforts and the partnership with CoDA. Quota club members got busy soliciting vendors, contributors, and attendees for a fundraiser that promised a night of food and fundraising combined with a lot of fun.

With donated space, a contribution of a wine-tasting event, an assortment of appetizers prepared by QI of Kirksville members, free printing of event materials, and a multitude of contributions from vendors and businesses in the area to be used in the auction, “Quarters for Quota” was launched without any initial outlay of funds. Students from CoDA both worked at and attended the event, which was open to and well attended by the public.

Lively bidding, conversation, and laughter filled the evening, which passed quickly. Two days later, at the official kickoff for the Speech and Hearing Campaign, the club presented an oversized check for over $1,300 to the university, increased to $1,550 later by additional contributions. QI of Kirksville ended Quota Cares Month proud of the significant contribution it had made to the university and enriched by the friendships the club had formed with the students of CoDA.

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