2012 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Gridley

Top Winner

QI of Gridley set out to “Make A Touchdown with Quota,” and they planned a winner of a day for their Quota Cares Month project. Not even sprinkling rain, cold temperatures, and wind could dampen the enthusiasm of the planners or the spirits of the children who participated. The hot chocolate that greeted early arrivals was only the start of a day filled with the warmth of Quota caring.

With the help of the Butte Community College football program, QI of Gridley planned a day at the county fairgrounds to introduce football to children who might not otherwise have that opportunity. The event was open to children of all ages, regardless of disability or restriction. When the children and parents arrived at the fairgrounds, they found wrestling mats, blocking dummies arranged, and club members, football players, and volunteer coaches ready for action. As the football players started to stretch, one of the coaches was heard to say, “We’re gonna have some fun, dang it!” And indeed they did have fun!

The children joined the football players in warming up, drills, and huddling for the team chant. They tackled the dummies and sometimes even the players, who good-naturedly exaggerated the effects. Young boys felt the joy of knocking over men several times their size, and the young girl with a heart condition who successfully “tackled” a 240-pound linebacker will savor that triumph for the rest of her life.

The day was filled with teamwork, drills, and even the excitement of learning how to do a touchdown dance. Each child planned the best dance they could, complete with ball spike or spin. They learned, too, important lessons about sportsmanship and success, when the head coach of the football team spoke to them about trying their best and assured them that when they put out good effort, they would always be winners.

When they wear their “Make a Touchdown with Quota” t-shirts, the children who participated in the morning football camp will cherish the memories. No matter what difficulties they face, they will remember what it feels like to have been, at least for one day, a football star. Thanks to QI of Gridley, they will know that they can achieve more “touchdowns” in their lives.

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