2012 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of East Memphis

Honorable Mention

Knowing that people fear and avoid what they do not understand, and that hearing and hearing-impaired people can find it difficult to understand each other’s lives, QI of East Memphis planned their Quota Cares Month project to bring these two groups closer. “It’s a Deaf, Deaf World,” held at the Children’s Museum, introduced a hundred hearing children and their parents to the world of the hearing impaired.

After a short course in sign language, the children participated in simulated real-life activities, such as visiting a bank, a grocery store, or a play. At each station, two volunteers taught a few related signs, and the children received a sticker on their sign-language-shaped “I Love You” name tags. As they left, they exchanged their name tags for goodie bags filled with a picture of the children taken at the dinosaur exhibit, treats such as pencils and crayons, and information about Quota, the Deaf Family Literacy Academy, and American Sign Language classes.

The day was an opportunity for children to broaden their worlds, and for Quota to increase its visibility in the community and its cooperation with other groups that share or support its mission to help the deaf and hearing impaired. Deaf Family Literacy Academy mentors, who serve by teaching sign language to hearing parents of deaf children, volunteered their services for the day. University of Memphis and Rhodes College student volunteers, as well as members of the deaf community, were on hand to help and interact with the children and their parents.

With the dedication of their members and the help of other willing volunteers, Quota of East Memphis made sure their message of caring was “heard” during Quota Cares Month.

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