2012 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Cedar Rapids

Honorable Mention

What’s a club to do with a donation of 300 bright green stuffed parrots from Kohl’s Department Store? For QI of Cedar Rapids, after some brainstorming on how to make the parrots part of Quota Cares Month, the answer was to make 300 sick children happy.

The parrots were transformed into “Parrots of the Care-A-Being,” and each one took on a decidedly pirate-like look with the addition of a bandana and eye patch. A Quota Cares logo adorned the eye patch. Each child also received a Caribbean-themed birth certificate, so the “parrot parents” could choose names for their new additions.

A club member knew of a local couple who doubled as pirates for Halloween and other events, and asked them to help the birds fly the coop. The “pirates,” accompanied by Quota club members, spent three days in March visiting children at several local hospitals and the Ronald McDonald House, distributing parrots and other pirate treasure.

Parrots, with their noise and color, know how to make their presence felt, and the “Parrots of the Care-A-Being” were no exception. They generated publicity for the club and its good works both in newspapers and online. They brought joy to children whose lives were disrupted by injury, disability, or illness, including one little boy whose first smile in his two-week hospital stay was for his parrot. And they proved that a large flock of bright green stuffed parrots could be quite useful after all.

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