2012 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Cebu

Top Winner

In describing their Quota Cares Month projects, QI of Cebu stated that it was their mission to spread the “Love of Quota.” They met this goal from two directions, both spreading the love they give through their activities in the community and spreading the love of service in their own increasing membership.

For thirty years, QI of Cebu has focused on helping preschool children who come from a background of poverty. Currently supporting three day care centers, QI of Cebu works to improve the health and education of young and vulnerable children. It was fitting, then, that a major source of Quota Cares Month satisfaction for the club was preschool graduation exercises. QI of Cebu proudly sponsored the ceremonies in the Sawang Calero Day Care Center, the San Jose Day Care Center, and the Guba Day Care Center. The smiles of the young graduates in the pictures speak for themselves, and for the joy of life that Quota helps them discover.

The club’s caring does not stop with preschool. Acutely aware of the need for life skills as children become adults, Quota of Cebu sponsored another March event; a training seminar on ice cream making and meat processing. With Quota’s help, the 60 participants are now better prepared for jobs both nutritious and delicious.

Following a key mission of Quota International, QI of Cebu gives special attention to the hearing impaired, helping them find ways to support themselves. Through the club’s efforts, ten graduates of the First High School for the Hearing Impaired were approved this year for employment with Cebu City government. Planning for a jobs fair for other hearing-impaired citizens, which would include a seminar for prospective employers, began in March.

It was a busy month for the club members, also including a successful fund-raising event and raffle and vigorous participation in membership recruiting. With the sponsorship and help of QI of Cebu, two new Quota clubs—Cebu East and Toledo City—attained the minimum required membership and were granted their own charters, no longer needing to be sponsored by the larger club. QI of Cebu proudly celebrated another “graduation” as these clubs began, assuring that their “Love of Quota” would continue to spread in the communities around their own.

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