2011 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Tacoma

Honorable Mention Winner

“Thank you!” That is the message Quota International of Tacoma sent to the police officers, support staff, and reserve officers of the City of Fife—and especially to those who were graduating from the Police Academy, as volunteer officers prepared to serve throughout the state. As volunteers themselves, Quota members know both the joy and the effort of volunteering. They chose for the second year in a row to honor the volunteer cadets as they graduated, along with the police who devoted their careers to service.

Fund-raisers throughout the year—a Wine and Cheese Auction, Christmas poinsettia sales, and a Jeans Day at a local business—helped to fund the dinner. Much of the food was prepared in members’ homes, and members took charge of decorations and incidentals for the evening.

On the night of the dinner, to their surprise and modest delight, each officer or cadet was greeted by applause as they entered the room. They were served a delicious dinner with gourmet cakes for dessert and presented with individual letters of thanks from local schoolchildren, as arranged by Quota. The officers and cadets were touched by and grateful for all the attention, thanking the Quota members repeatedly and applauding them in turn.

The event was a success on many levels. First, of course, was the joy brought to the police and cadets who were honored. Local newspapers picked up on the story both for the attention given to the police and for Quota’s community service. The school children who were asked to write letters also were enriched, as the exercise encouraged a positive relationship with police. Many of the children invited the police to visit their classrooms.

After a successful two years, the project has become a tradition. The Commander of the Fife Police Department asked the Quota members if they would be willing to sponsor two dinners each year. The positive relations between the police and the club, and especially the fellowship of volunteers from two different areas of service to the community, will continue to grow through Quota’s caring service.

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