2011 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Parañaque

Honorable Mention Winner

Quota of Parañaque has a long-standing commitment to the speech- and hearing-impaired children at a local public school, and members find particular delight in introducing the children to “first-time” activities. Last year, the club sponsored a trip to an amusement park. For Quota Cares Month 2011, the club took the children swimming. But not just swimming! The day was spent at Splash Island, a water theme park with water slides and other rides.

Thirty-five students in Quota Parañaque t-shirts, each accompanied by a parent or Quota member, piled into donated buses early in the morning. At the park, a quick jump into the children’s pools was followed by a long time in the wave pool learning the feel of “ocean” waves and riding the currents as they would on a real beach. After a delicious lunch, the still-energized children climbed the 5-story stairs of the water slides again and again, then floated on rafts on a peaceful ride through the park. After that, it was back to the wave pool!

The day was made possible by the generosity of Quota club members and their contacts. One new member arranged for free admission to Splash Island, and the Quota district governor contributed two company service vehicles to help with transportation. A majority of club members helped with preparation and the day itself.

For then-president of Quota of Parañaque, Ice Piad, it was a very special day—her 25th birthday, which she celebrated in the true spirit of Quota by giving more than receiving gifts. Ice sponsored the expenses for the event such as food, drinks, and publicity materials as a way of celebrating her birthday with her Quota family. A very happy birthday for all, thanks to Ice!

When the buses arrived at the end of the day, the children were reluctant to leave but happy to receive “loot bags” full of goodies decorated with a “happy birthday” and Quota design reminding them of their sponsors. Tired but smiling, the children hugged and signed “thank you” to their generous Quota friends, who are already busy thinking of “first-time” ideas for next year’s Quota Cares Month project.

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