2011 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Pampanga

Honorable Mention Winner

Little things can make big differences, and Quota International of Pampanga drew on the power of simple coins in a can to prove this point once again. With the goal of sending two special education teachers for summer training in lip reading, the club launched their Quota Cans project in mid-December 2010. Donation cans on the counters of local stores would spread the word of Quota’s need.

Club members designed a hundred cans for the project, using children’s cardboard banks with Quota stickers attached, and Quota members hand-carried the cans to each participating business. With cooperation from the largest mall in the area, and media publicity surrounding the launch of the project, the cans were well received by the public. Quota Cans joined other worthy collection cans at checkout counters, helping to spread the word of Quota’s efforts in the community. Every single coin donated by pre-Christmas shoppers, as well as shoppers who continued to contribute from meager post-Christmas funds, was gratefully received.

Funds grew slowly but steadily, and by the time Quota Cares Month arrived in March, the Quota Cans project had raised more than enough money to send the two teachers for training. Extra funds were used to sponsor two bone-screening events for disadvantaged women during March, further impacting the community in a positive way while publicizing Quota’s services in Pampanga.

The power of coins benefited the local Quota club as well as its community, as the club members thoroughly enjoyed both the planning and the execution of the Quota Cans project. As the club president stated, “With Quota, it is not just working, it is enjoying what we do and having fun too!” The citizens of Pampanga benefit from having these women, who equate service with fun, working among them.

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