2011 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Opotiki

Honorable Mention Winner

It’s not often that health education is combined with pampering, but the Women’s Wellness Day sponsored by Quota of Opotiki accomplished both goals. In a day-long event, women in the Opotiki community were treated to exhibits and presentations focused on health issues, enjoyed a delicious lunch, and had several opportunities to relax.

Held in a local hall, the day was free to the community. The varied speakers addressed health issues critical to women. They included a diabetes nurse, bereavement counselor, Alzheimer’s worker, pulmonary rehabilitation educator, and continence physiotherapist. A local doctor spoke on ovarian cancer and melanoma. Various companies and organizations also provided displays and personnel to highlight services aimed at better personal and community health.

Health education was the main, but not the only, basis of the day. “Wellness,” especially for women usually focused on the care of others, includes taking time to care for themselves. Quota’s event provided this opportunity, and the women guests were able to have their nails and makeup done or relax with a hand massage. Lunch and afternoon tea were served, encouraging the women to take time to enjoy each others’ company as well as the good food.

The event raised some money, $264 from the sale of raffle tickets, but what was primarily raised on this fun-filled day was awareness. For each woman who attended, including one club member who took advantage of the free testing and learned she had diabetes needing treatment, there was a greater awareness of personal and family health issues. And for the community of Opotiki, there is now an even greater awareness of Quota’s caring service within the community.

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