2011 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Metro Cebu

Honorable Mention Winner

For Quota of Metro Cebu, “Quota Cares: Creating a Community of Learners” was a half-day event designed to celebrate a year-long relationship with special children in Cebu. Held at a local elementary school, the project aimed to enhance the children’s knowledge of traditional Filipino community values, while encouraging lifelong learning. Through a fun-filled and story-filled morning, Quota communicated the belief that these children can move beyond their disabilities to participate meaningfully in their communities.

Beginning with a special screening of a Filipino film promoting the importance of family, the morning continued with a storytelling session. The children were then asked to draw their interpretations of the traditional tales of family, sharing, and caring for each other. Whatever their level of disability, the children produced pictures that showed their understanding of the stories, as well as their ability to draw and color, and to work together as a team.

The members of the Metro Cebu Quota Club strongly believe that early intervention and instruction in reading is critical to children, especially those with disabilities. The more books that are accessible to the children, the greater is the likelihood that they will become good learners. With that in mind, Quota spent several months before the event collecting books, with tremendous success. The impact of the day will continue long after, as the nearly 3,000 books given to their teachers encourage the children’s love of reading and stories.

While educating the children to become members of their community, the club also aims to educate the community about the disabled children in its midst. Publicity and community participation in their service project shined a spotlight on their caring efforts, and on their attitude of equality, respect, and acceptance. With Quota’s help, the “Community of Learners” that the children become may, as they grow, move into a wider community that is even more ready to see beyond their disabilities to the beauty within them.

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