2011 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Kirksville

Top Winner

On March 1, 2011, the mayor signed a proclamation making March “Quota Cares Month” in Kirksville, Missouri. The members of Quota International of Kirksville then used that month to complete a project that many felt was the best their club had worked on in years.

The plight of foster children, who often go from one home to another with little or nothing to call their own, had gotten the attention of the caring members of Quota. They set out to solicit donations from individuals and local businesses to fill bags to be given to the children, so that they would have their own things to bring with them in the difficult transition of new placements.

As they started their planning, Quota members learned that the local Mom’s Club was working on a similar idea and, in the true Quota spirit of both caring and sharing, approached them to partner on the project. With both clubs contributing, the project was a huge success. The Mom’s Club furnished the bags, and the Kirksville club’s goal was to fill them. Designated items were solicited over several months at Quota meetings. Businesses and a local dentist responded with contributions. Other community volunteers who heard about the project offered help, including one woman who made a blanket for each of the 55 bags, and another who donated 55 stuffed animals.

In the end, 55 bags were filled with donations ranging from necessary items like washcloths to special treats like bath toys and race cars. Fifty-five children would smile as they claimed their own bag. Quota Cares Month was proclaimed—both officially and unofficially—a very successful event for Quota of Kirksville.

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