2011 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Iloilo

Top Winner

When Quota International of Iloilo started planning Quota Cares Month for March 2011 in June 2010, they found the desire for their service project to be so strong that it could not wait nine months to get started. The name of the project was “Linis Tenga” (“clean ear”), designed as a way to provide free ear cleaning and checkups with education on proper ear care and the prevention of deafness. When many communities requested the service, the club decided to expand the idea to a “Linis Tenga Series.”

Partnering with doctors from the ENT department of a local medical center, who worked for free on their day off to do the ear exams, Quota initiated the Linis Tenga series at a school for exceptional children in July of 2010. The children and parents were taught the importance of proper hygiene, ear care, and auditory health to prevent hearing loss or impairment. Basic ear services were provided, and anyone in need of followup care or medication was given advice on how to get it. A total of 140 patients were treated on that first day.

Linis Tenga days 2, 3, 4, and 5 followed in other barangays, with similar success. By the time Quota Cares Month began, the idea was well developed. On March 13, 2011, the “grand finale” of the series, “Linis Tenga 6,” was held in Barangay North Baluarte. By the end of that day, the Linis Tenga series had served six barangays and one school, with a total of 955 child, adult, and elderly patients.

Preparation, fund-raising, and publicity were important factors throughout the series. Quota members and families made in-kind donations of necessary materials like ear drops, coconut oil, cotton, and mineral water. A “Quota Cares Market! Market!” at the end of March featured food, bags and accessories from recycled materials, and various used items to raise money needed for additional expenses. Two local daily papers publicized each of the six Linis Tenga days. The power of word of mouth in the local communities is still being felt, as the club is being asked to continue the series in other locations.

The power of “Linis Tenga” has certainly been “heard” in and around Iloilo, thanks to the caring members of Quota International.

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