2011 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Cebu South

Honorable Mention Winner

What does it feel like to see children, so poor that they usually only eat plain bread, encounter a hamburger for the first time? “Blessed to share” is how one Quota member described it, after participating in Quota International of Cebu South’s Quota Cares Month Project.

Consistently supportive of the children being treated in the malnutrition ward of the local hospital, the club decided to focus its attention for a day on the young patients’ siblings. Each member of the club “adopted” a child, and they spent the afternoon at the local shopping mall, getting to know each other while having fun. The children, most of whom had never been to a mall before, were treated to a shopping trip for school supplies, bags, shoes, clothes and toys. The happy shoppers and their adult friends all met for a Quota-sponsored party at Jollibee, a fast food restaurant that introduced the children to hamburgers while entertaining them with mascots and prizes.

Back at the hospital, banners publicized Quota’s generosity and the special day, and baskets of treats and necessary items had been distributed to every patient in the malnutrition ward before the shoppers left for the day. A children’s corner was also set up permanently in the ward, so that mothers and babies would have a place to play with the books and toys donated by the club.

By the end of the day, adult shoppers and their new young friends were tired but happy. The children would never forget their first hamburgers, and the adults would remember the joy of expanding the children’s worlds. The day had been a special one for all, thanks to the members of Quota International of Cebu South.

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