2010 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Whakatane

Honorable Mention Winner

Members of Quota International of Whakatane stitched together a patchwork of activities, both literally and figuratively, to show that “Quota Cares.” First, the club planned old-fashioned sewing bees to make patchwork quilts. Recycled wool blankets backed the colorful patchwork fronts made from new and recycled fabric, and club members took part in the bees in various ways—donating fabric, pressing, cutting, sewing, or making a “cuppa” for the workers. Ten child-size quilts were planned to be donated to the Red Cross’s relief work in Haiti. The camaraderie was strong, members cherished their time at the sewing bees, and in the end twenty quilts were created, with some members planning to keep sewing more.

From The Whakatane Beacon.

Another patch in the quilt of caring is Dyak, a key part of the Riding for the Disabled program. Being on Dyak’s or another horse’s back helps a disabled rider exercise while developing confidence and self-esteem. Quota of Whakatane is happy to provide winter feed, as well as foot and teeth care, so that Dyak can continue his good service in their name.

Green was the color for the next patch. Eight Quota members celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day with the residents of Mountain View Rest Home. They picnicked in the gardens with the music of the Johnny Arbuckle Trio and left caring behind in the form of a homemade sweet given to each resident at the end of the day.

Caring extended to the local high school, with Quota’s support of the “Shine” program, an 8-week elective teaching teenage girls about life skills, hygiene, and making the right choices in life. Quota’s contribution covered the cost of the program, as well as packets of toiletries given to the young girls to encourage their new habits.

From The Whakatane Beacon.

All these projects were stitched together with the kindness of the Whakatane Quotarians, who look after each other and their community in true “Quota Cares” fashion.

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