2010 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Waterloo

Honorable Mention Winner

When Mayor Buck Clark declared March to be “Quota Cares Month,” the Waterloo club knew they were already a winner in the eyes of their community. The month was dedicated in their honor featuring the Cops ‘n’ Kids program, a long-term project of Quota of Waterloo.

Cops ‘n’ Kids began as an initiative to have police officers distribute new and gently used books to children, whom they saw “hanging around” as they patrolled. This encouraged reading and also showed the police as friendly contacts rather than adversaries. The police also used the books to calm children in difficult times.

As good projects often do, this one evolved and grew. Quota now also provides books to local school libraries to promote literacy. The books are distributed by the school liaison officer, who talks of the value of reading and sometimes stops to read a story to the young children. Again, the encounter with a police officer becomes a friendly one, as well as increasing the children’s desire to learn to read.

Though usually funded locally by Quota projects, the Cops ‘n’ Kids project received a $10,000 grant from the local gaming commission, in honor of its efforts. As a result, book distribution has been increased to include all at-risk elementary schools in Waterloo. Additionally, a Teen Library has been set up at the Boys and Girls Club of Black Hawk County, to encourage teenage reading.
The club planned its annual brunch to be held in April, after Quota Cares Month had ended, with the theme “Give the Gift of Love through Quota.” With its Cops ‘n’ Kids program, however, Quota gives the gift of love all year round, through the magic of books.

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