2010 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Sioux City

Honorable Mention Winner

It’s hard to argue with success, and Quota International of Sioux City did not try. When it chose to use its Honors Luncheon for Eighth-Grade Girls as its Quota Cares Month project, it continued an over 30-year-old tradition that has become an anticipated annual event in the community and an even more important day for the young girls honored.

Each year, the club asks local area middle schools, both public and private, to submit the names of one or two eighth-grade girls who have shown marked personal growth during the difficult middle school years of sixth to eighth grade. Since the emphasis is on growth and improvement, not on consistent excellence, this criterion frequently identifies girls who will not receive other types of awards upon graduating middle school. To be chosen as one of the honorees at this annual luncheon is a joy.

Parents, other family members, and school personnel are invited to the luncheon, forming an appreciative audience as the students’ achievements are individually read and applauded. A local media personality usually serves as emcee, and a successful local woman is always asked to be the keynote speaker, giving the girls an example of what they too can achieve. The girls receive Quota charm necklaces, a certificate, and other gifts as mementos of the day.

As each child is recognized on this very special day, the hearts of their families swell with pride, and the girls realize how far they have come, and how possible it is to go further. “Quota Cares” about the growth and development of young women at a very vulnerable age. Somewhere in Sioux City, the honorees of future luncheons are discovering their strengths.

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