2010 Quota Cares Month Winners

Quota International of Penticton

Honorable Mention Winner

Quota International of Penticton is a small but mighty organization. With only 10 members, the club gains strength by involving individuals from other charitable organizations in their fund-raising projects. For Quota Cares Month, the club paid tribute to many of these generous individuals with a “Hats Off to You!” evening.

Getting into the spirit, the club invited guests to come in a hat or Easter bonnet or to choose from a table of zany hats provided by the club. “Hat changes” throughout the evening qualified participants for door prize draws. Laughter filled the hall with the help of a local humorist and magician. A glass of champagne and cup of truffle oil popcorn, given to each arriving guest, was followed by an invitation to partake of various appetizers, fruit, and cheese. Later in the evening, members and guests shared a special “Hats Off to You!” celebration cake.

The evening had two goals. The first was to honor and acknowledge the partnerships that allow the small Penticton club to plan large events throughout the year. With the help of these other non-profit organizations in the past year, the club met many needs locally and donated $19,650 to service projects. The second goal was to have plenty of information available about Quota’s history and projects with the aim of attracting new members to participate more directly. The pre-event publicity, invitations, and especially the person-to-person hospitality of the Quota members resulted in three or four prospective members, a 30 to 40 percent increase in their rolls.

The small but mighty QI group has a large impact, drawing the community into the spirit of “Quota Caring.” This was one evening of celebration, in a year filled with achievement. The club looks forward to continued partnerships and continued growth.

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